Connecting Mental Health & Education, Inc.

Demonstrating Eligibility for Mental Health Services

Victims of Crime with a police report or a Child Protective Services (CPS) report may be eligible for mental health services. Reports are most effective when they are less than three years old. However, even without a report, or with reports that are older than three years old, call Connecting Mental Health & Education’s office.
There are extenuating circumstances for individuals under 19 years old who have been exposed to crime and abuse, and for those below 28 who have been forced to engage in sexual acts. Furthermore, children who are outside of the family home but are “close enough” to witness a qualifying crime may also be eligible for services. Their caretakers and other family members will be eligible too.
Connecting Mental Health & Education primarily treats domestic violence (dv), child abuse, and spousal abuse. Victims of crime and their families are eligible for therapy.